Zoom Basketball

Zoom Basketball

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The Legacy Hoops Basketball Academy, a 26,ooo square foot training facility located in Hopkins Minnesota, is pleased to offer a full line of Zoom Basketball Camps and Clinics and Zoom Basketball Training for basketball enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.  Open since 2007, we are the Midwest’s premier basketball training facility, conducting camps, clinics, and training for tens of thousands of athletes.

Beginning June 8, 2020, anyone who has access to a basketball, a hoop, and the free Zoom app installed on a device accessible to WiFi, or a network that supports a Zoom session from your home court, can participate in our training, camps, and clinics.

You can meet our training staff online, many of whom have posted free training videos on our  YouTube channel. You can also access us on Facebook, and Instagram.

If you are interested in participating in a free Zoom Basketball Training Session, please click here for an invite to join a free session.